Co-Owner and CEO


Alex lives in Chanhassen with her husband, Tucker and two sons, Ryan and Ian. She and her family are active in the community and if you don't spot her helping the team at the store, you will likely see her about town volunteering her time. A lover of all things paper, she will encourage you to write more letters and stop by epitome papers to see the latest selection of fine gift cards.




Dana found her love of paper - the texture, the smell of the ink - as a child growing up in her dad’s newspaper and print shop. It’s also when her admiration for written correspondence began, receiving eloquently worded letters from her grandmother. These letters still exist, stored in a shoebox mixed with postcards from college friends, notes from overseas penpals, birthday cards and love letters.


In epitome papers, Dana hopes to evoke that sentimental feeling that comes from receiving a handwritten note or letter.




Shannon has a BFA in Illustration. Her admiration for paper is best expressed with a pencil in a sketchbook. Is super proud of her colorful beach cruiser and loves going on bicycle adventures with her husband. Enjoys board games and bowling with family and friends.




Nancy is creative at heart and has spent the last 16 years helping people celebrate life's milestones with beautiful paper. She loves the challenge of taking her client's visions and making them a reality. Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Nancy has developed close relationships with local vendors and is always quick to offer recommendations for florists, venues, photographers, etc. Her mantra is, be grateful for every day and don't wait for a special occasion to party!

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